30 January 2012

Peru 2012

In the next week you might notice a number of my posts dedicated to my upcoming trip to Peru in March. This is my 20th+ trip to Peru given I have family there but this trip will be graced with the presence of my bestie (and its her first time)! We are visiting Cusco/Machu Picchu for 4 days and are in much need of wardrobe inspiration not to mention trying to pack as light as possible. 

 So what does a pretentionista pack on her pretentious world travels? Check back in the upcoming week to find out what I plan to put in my bags!

16 January 2012

one pretentious weekend

this weekend i realized a lot about myself that i wasnt proud of. i reside with my partner in life whom i love but treat horribly at times and vice versa. i believe my blindness or rather deafness to the verbal garbage i was spewing out these past few months were doing an unknown amount of damage in my life. i often think twice about the words i choose to share with friends, co-workers, and other acquaintances in life but when it comes to family and partners i tend to ditch the filter without a second thought about how my words might render some unintended consequence. but is that not what those closest to you are for? to be your un-filtered self, pretentious and all? why is it that we often mistreat those closest to us rather than those that we interact with on a less frequent basis? (rhetorical) Whatever the psych babel is behind that question; life lesson learned - chill out and think twice about what i choose to share with my life partner and try to imagine that i could actually be wrong about a thing or two. humility: the opposite of pretentious. i have surrounded myself with enough friends and family to know that it takes more than one person to fulfill your emotional and intellectual needs - i need to spread the love. i <3 my family and friends.

visual of my life lesson:

10 January 2012


pre.ten.tious // adj. attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture etc. than is actually possessed.


I don't think many people aspire to pretentiousness, but I find myself reveling in the word and have finally taken ownership of the woman I have become through the years of social and cultural conditioning. Therefore I am a self-proclaimed pretentionista: one who embraces the true illusion of elitism and of self significance. I am special, I am unique, I am someone....but in all reality, in the depths of my true being, I secretly fear the insignificance of my life lived. With that quite sinister thought, I've decided to make the most of it all by sharing my pretentious thoughts and opinions with the world - secretly hoping I will gain some sort of false fortune. 


I intend to share my own original creations and thoughts (bore of infinite inspirations). but in all reality this will probably become a myriad of posts ranging from food and fashion to travel and yoga.


Sincerely yours,