29 March 2013

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Casual Punk Inspired Outfit

Casual Punk Inspired Outfit by style-mi-vida on Polyvore

Today's outfit was inspired by my radiant red lipstick. I like to take a style and really play it down so it can only be detected in minor details of the ensemble. I used various subtle studded elements like the ankle boots and collar of the blouse. These contrast against two pops of color, the red lips and a clutch (or in my picture, the blazer cuffs). The FUNBUN is essential to show off your stud earrings, embellished collar and red lips. A high, sleek pony tail will also give the same effect. Here are the elements you need to create this look. 

1 - Red Lips - I used Urban Decay lip color with the Sephora Waterproof lipliner.

2 - Studs - Any studs will work. It's hard to see mine in this photo, but there are grey & silver studs I found on sale for $10 at Banana Republic. I LOVE BR's sale section - I try to never pay full price there.

3 - Black & Silver Bracelets - Mine are the cheap kind from H&M.

4 - Embellished Short Sleeve Blouse - I picked mine up at TJ Maxx a while ago for about $15. I really like the one I picked out for this set from Forever 21. It has some nice contrast and the embellishment isn't overwhelming

5 - Dark/indigo Skinny Jeans - The darker the better in this case. Contrast is important when you are pairing it with a grey blazer.

6 - Grey Blazer - Any grey blazer will do with or w/o lapels. I got mine at H&M a while ago but you can find similar styles currently at H&M, Charlotte Russe and even F21.

7 - Black Ankle Boots - Mine don't actually have any studs or embellishments on them, but in my fantasy world, I would have wore the ones I picked for this set. I like that it mirrors the punk on my arm and collar.

8 - Bright Clutch - Finally, you want a bright pop of color somewhere on your outfit. Just the right amount is the size of a clutch or a belt. In my case, the insides of my sleeves give me some color.

Show me your style! Did you try this look? What is your take on all the studs and spikes all over everything these past seasons? Enjoy :)

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